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Learn How To Go From Complete Beginner To Building Furniture You Are Actually Proud Of.

The Basics of Woodworking

I have been woodworking most of my life, but 4 years ago I wanted to get more serious about it. I wanted to make some cool projects, and learn how to build furniture. The only problem was that I had a lot of questions. Not only that, but I had questions that I didn´t know how to ask, because I did not know the words. I did not know what I was supposed to know, or ask questions about.

If there only was a woodworking course that could teach me some basic knowledge, and give me some tips on how to get better results, without having to search around in books, articles and YouTube-videos. Well, there is now..!

WHat you get in the course

With The Beginner Woodworkers Course I have made the course that I wish existed when I got started with woodworking. This course will help you go from complete beginner to building furniture you are proud of. Whether you want to sell furniture, make furniture for your own house, or just develop your craft as a woodworker; this course has got you covered. 

Part 1: Just getting started

Part 2: Tips, tricks and techniques

- How to prepare lumber. 

- Softwood and Hardwood.

- Recommended tools under 100$.

- Some common Wood-Joints.

- Finishing and Sanding

- How to get better results with planer/jointer.

- Snipe, and how to reduce it.

- Wood movement.

- Why wood cracks.

- Why you should raise the grain.

- Why the grain raises.

- How to make Glue-ups less stressful.

- When you should consider Epoxy.

- How to clamp without clamps.

- Why you should paint/stain before      glue-up.

- A simple Dowel-Jig

- Router - a versatile tool.

- Router sled.

- How to cut perfect circles.

- How to get cleaner cuts on a table-saw.

- How to get cleaner cuts on a miter-saw.

- The correct way to shoot a brad-nail.

- Give your projects a higher quality look.

- Some design tips.

- 5 tips for a tighter Joint.

- How to cut a Half Lap Joint.

Part 3: Mindsets

- There will always be a "better way".

- Making things takes time.

- You don´t know what you don´t know.

- The most important thing to make.

- You don´t need a ton of tools to get started.

- Talking about powertools.

- Find your own style.

- Create good habits.

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Buy the course now for only 67$!

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