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ShuffleBoard Plans & Instructions

ShuffleBoard Plans & Instructions

Plans and instructions for the ShuffleBoard.

This product contains a zip-file with:

- 41 page Step-by-step eBook, with instructions and measurements.

- Detailed Images

- Detailed sketchup-model

- All measurements needed (in inches)

Sketchup NOT NEEDED to use these plans*


The Shuffleboard is roughly 13 ft 9" long and 2 ft 3" wide.


All measurements are in imperial.


* You can open the ebook and pictures without any extra softwares but you will need to have SketchUp downloaded on your computer to open the SK-file. The Sketchup-model and pictures are in imperial dimensions. If you want to change the dimensions in the model to metric, you can do that by going to Window -> Model Info -> Units, and change it from inches to mm.

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